Swimming Pool Child Admission Policy

A responsible person, aged at least 18 years, should accompany all children aged 15 years and below into the swimming pool
Children aged 7 years and below must be accompanied into the changing rooms by a responsible person aged 18 years plus
Whilst in the pool the responsible person should maintain a constant watch over the children for whom they are responsible for and be in close contact with those of their children who are weak or non-swimmers
Children that are non/weak swimmer should not swim past the designated non swim area (identified by the ‘no non-swimmers beyond this point’ signs) and must use swimming aids that are manufactured to the British Standard BS EN 13138: 2003
All young children aged 2 years and below must wear a swim nappy
All swimmers must shower before entering the pool
0 – 3 years = 1 Adult to 1 Child

Adult to Child ratios

4 – 7 years = 1 Adult to 2 Children
8 – 12 years = Not applicable to ratios but they must be accompanied in the water and supervised by an adult
13 – 15 years = Not applicable to ratios but they must be accompanied and supervised from pool side by an adult
Please note that an adult can only accompany and supervise a maximum of 4 children in any swim session
Ref: Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity

(CIMSPA) – July 2014