Clifton College Swimming Lessons

Clifton College Sports Centre has now reopened, following easing of the Spring 2021 national lockdown restrictions. Please note that we are looking to resume classes, personal training and swimming lessons in the near future.

Buzz (and I) love your lessons. They are exactly the right amount of time and the interaction/support he gets from you and your team is excellent

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Adam and his team have nurtured our twin girls from non-swimmers to confident fish! They have enjoyed their lessons so much that their big brother wanted to join too and he is loving learning more advanced techniques. Thanks Swim Academy team!


Thank you to Adam and the team, my daughter had no confidence in the water before attending the Swim Academy, now you can’t get her out of the water!

Swimming in our 25m indoor Swimming Pool

ILSP Awards

Progression levels, with badges & certificates awarded! For more information, click here

Personal attention

Dedicated assistance for your child from our teachers in the water! All children are continually monitored against their learning outcomes to inform planning and ensure their individual needs are being met.

Small groups

A maximum of 6 – 8 children per class depending on ability, keeping the quality of teaching high!

Learn to swim at Clifton College!

Saturday and Sunday lessons available
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