Membership at Clifton College Sports Centre

Our all-inclusive member packages includes use of the Swimming Pool, Fitness Room, Tennis and Badminton courts. Our varied membership types allow for choice in how you pay for your membership and how many people you want to include.

Family, Joint, Individual, Child and Over 66 packages are offered, helping meet the individual needs of all of our customers.

We offer an up-front Annual payment for 12 months, the price of which reduces significantly in the second year upon renewal.

Membership Fees

Type of MembershipNew MembersExisting Members / Parents of CC pupils / OCs
FAMILY (Up to 2 adults and dependents aged under 18 years)£950£800
JOINT (2 x adults living at same address. Proof required)£800£700
INDIVIDUAL (over 18)£550£450
Over 66s£350N/A
PUPIL (of Clifton College)£60£60

Notice of Cancellation by a Member

Members joining on an annual membership do so for a period of 12 months. Members understand that ALL membership fees are non-refundable upon joining. No notice of cancellation is required upon request for the renewal of annual memberships.

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If you would like to book a tour of the facilities, please enquire below or give us a call to arrange a suitable date and time.
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