Further Information for bookers

Thank you for your booking on the Easter Revision Courses at Clifton College, taking place between Monday 13th – Friday 17th April 2020.

The following information will be useful during your time with us.  We hope you enjoy the week and profit from it in your forthcoming exams.

If you have any issues during your time on the Easter Revision Courses, please come first of all to the Clifton College Sports Centre on Guthrie Road, marked point 26 on the 3D campus map available to download below.

Daily Timetable

  • For the daily timetable, please CLICK HERE. This timetable is meant as a guide only, some timings may change slightly, but students will be made aware of this.
  • Some tutors may choose (after consultation with students) to cut short some break times in order to finish earlier on certain days.
  • Students – please be ON TIME to all lessons, and please let your tutor know if you are going to absent for any reason. Unplanned/unauthorised absences lead to extra work and phonecalls having to be made to parents/guardians.
  • Good Friday (19th April) – we shall be running as per a normal day on Friday, for your own benefit please check bus/train times for after the courses have finished
  • The courses will finish by 1700 on the Friday, please arrange for departure by this point, there will be NO ACCOMMODATION available for residential students on the Friday evening


  • All RESIDENTIAL students staying for the week should register at XXX, between 1630 – 1700 on Sunday 12th April. XXX can be located at point X on the 3D campus map available to download below. Please be aware that arrival earlier than this may result in staff not being present to welcome you in to the boarding house, and arrival much later will mean missing dinner @ 1730
  • All DAY students studying two subjects, or a morning subject only, should register at the Clifton College Chapel, located at point 23 on the 3D campus map available to download below, between 0815 – 0845 on Monday 13th April.
  • All DAY students studying an afternoon subject only should register at the Clifton College Chapel at 1300 on Monday 13th April.
  • Clifton College is enclosed by an automated gate system, which will open upon presentation of a student access card (to be issued at registration), but you will be able to access freely before the courses begin on Monday


  • Not all content you wish to be covered will be gone over on the first day/second day/third day, so please do not panic if everything you want to cover is not taught during this time! By the end of the week we are certain that you will have the tools and confidence to achieve your potential!
  • We cannot teach a whole 2 year course in 15 hours, so it’s important that you highlight any areas to concentrate on with your tutor, and that you are active in your participation. Speak up and be confident in lessons, the more you participate the more benefit you’ll get out of the week.
  • All students are required to bring notepads and pens; there is a shop on campus however should you need it.
  • All teaching material will be provided, but you may find it useful to bring any pieces of work that you wish to go over with the tutor, including set texts/textbooks, a revision guide if you have one, past papers and mark schemes, and the syllabus.

Dress Code

  • there is no official dress code for the week, school uniforms are NOT required (!), but what we do request is that you are “dressed to learn”, and not in pyjamas or ‘onesies’!

Meal Times

  • All meals will be served in the Upper Dining Hall, located at point 17 on the 3D campus map available to download above. Students studying 2 subjects are welcome for lunch with us each day.

Breakfast (for residential students only) 0830 – 0900

Lunch 1230 – 1330

Dinner (for residential students only) 1800 – 1830

  • dinner will be available for residential students on the Sunday night @ 1730


  • Male and female students will be separated on different floors within the boarding house, with separate bathroom facilities.
  • Bed linen and towels are provided, although you may wish to bring your own pillow!
  • Residential students may only return to their boarding house during the lunch break and after lessons finish at 1700.
  • Residential students may NOT bring guests into the boarding house.
  • All residential students are to return to the boarding house by 2145 for call-over.
  • We ask that students inform the house staff if they have any necessity to go off-site during their time with us.
  • Oakeleys House has WiFi access available, please speak to a member of staff to gain access.
  • The courses will finish by 1700 on the Friday, please arrange for departure by this point, there will be NO ACCOMMODATION available for residential students on the Friday evening
  • dinner will be available for residential students on the Sunday night @ 1730

Security and Access

  • During registration, each student will be given a security card, which is personally registered to them. This card must be kept safe on their person at all times whilst on the College campus.  There is a chip within the card which is required to gain access to College buildings – no card, no access!
  • Any lost cards should be reported immediately to the Course Director.
  • At the end of the course, all cards must be handed in to your class tutor or the Course Director.
  • Please note, that rooms in Oakeleys House do not have locks on the doors. For this reason, we recommend that students do not bring anything of great value with them. We do however have lockers in the main school building which students can utilise.

 Student Medical Provisions

  • If you require medication during your time with us, please make sure you bring this with you, as we are unable to dispense medication to students.
  • Please let your tutor know if there is anything they should be aware of with your health, we should have been informed about this upon booking, but its good to check.


  • Hot drinks and snacks will be available to purchase in the School Shop during morning and afternoon breaks, and lunchtimes. We also have a rest and relaxation area above the School Shop where students can come and chill out during their break times
  • During the recreation time between 1700 – 1800 and 2000 – 2130, students may use the Fitness Room and Swimming Pool at the Clifton College Sports Centre.

Other Information

  • There is a NO SMOKING policy throughout the school buildings and grounds. Anyone who wishes to smoke may only do so off school property, and disperse of cigarette butts appropriately.
  • Brad Clark, the Course Manager, is based at the Clifton College Sports Centre, and will be present from 0900 – 1700 each day during the week, telephone number 0117 3157 143.
  • In an EMERGENCY, please telephone the Course Director, Malcolm Grohmann, on mobile number 07815 564 561, or the Course Manager, Brad Clark, on 0117 3157 143 during office hours.
  • Clifton College is within a Residents Parking Zone, therefore the on-street parking that is available is subject to Pay & Display conditions between 0900 – 1700 Monday – Friday, £1 per hour for up to 5 hours
  • Clifton College is easily reachable by the number 8 bus from Bristol Temple Meads railway station, via the City Centre

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