We’re ready and excited to welcome you back

Following the recent relaxation of Government restrictions, we are able to begin reopening our Sports Centre facilities from Saturday 25th July 2020. Things will look a little different at first, as we have put measures in place to keep all of our pupils, users and staff safe, in line with Government and industry guidelines.

The below information covers everything you need to know about our safety measures and you should have a read through before your first visit. If you still have questions after reading through our guidance information, please check out our FAQs before you get in touch. Please note that our opening hours may be subject to review in-line with demand and ongoing operational constraints.

We really appreciate the support and understanding that our entire community has shown throughout the pandemic so far. We ask that this understanding and patience continues as we do our best to reopen our facilities to our community under these unprecedented and challenging times for us all.

Opening Hours

Before you visit us

  • You must not visit us if you or anyone in your household are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Like many public venues, we have a reviewed capacity limit to enable effective social distancing. We have analysed our usage trends over recent months before our closure and are confident that queuing should not be the normal.
  • That said, users should be prepared to queue and should dress appropriately and comfortably for waiting outside for short periods in all weather, particularly when arriving in ‘beach-ready’ attire.
  • Please note that all guest privileges (including for court usage) are currently suspended until further notice. Similarly, we have suspended new membership sales to prioritise the provision of safe and sufficient facilities for our existing members.
  • Think about the best time to visit. The following times should be avoided where possible to help us manage our peak usage and avoid queues:
    • Early mornings (0630-0930) Monday-Friday
    • Early evenings (1700-1900) Monday-Friday
    • First and last thing on the weekends.
  • Come prepared:
    • Gym towels are not currently permitted (please use the blue roll provided).
    • Bring your own filled water bottle.
    • We have limited supplies of hand sanitiser, however, we advise members to bring their own personal supply.
    • If you are using the pool, you must arrive ‘beach ready’ i.e. ready to use the pool without the prior use of changing facilities.
    • Please only bring minimal possessions with you.
  • Think about transport to and from the facility, can you walk, run or cycle? Railings are available at the front of the centre for securing bikes during your visit.
  • We would also recommend that users come prepared to use either the pool or fitness room to avoid having to queue if some facilities are busier than others.
  • Please note that we are no longer accepting cash payments except for in our vending machines. Please bring a credit or debit card to make payments for sporting supplies or membership renewals (which can also be made over the phone).

On Arrival

  • Please wait at the entrance, where a member of staff will invite you in when the reception area is clear and there is capacity within the facility.
  • Users will need to sign in with their contactless membership card (please do not touch the card reader).
  • Signing in is important to help us comply with the Government Test and Trace system, so please remember your membership card. If you have lost your card, you will need to purchase a new one for £5.
  • If you think that your basic details such as address, phone number or email address have recently changed, please email us at ccsl@cliftoncollege.com to update them.

Around the Centre

  • You will notice that there is a one-way traffic control system in place to aid us all in maintaining social distancing.
  • Please act responsibly to maintain a social distance of 1m+ from all other customers and staff during your visit and remember that if you are visiting with children, you are responsible for their social distancing too.
  • There is additional signage and staff supervision in place to help us all stay safe, please follow instructions and ask questions if necessary.

For Pool Users

  • Pool users will need to arrive ‘beach ready’. This means that you will be ready to enter the pool without needing to use changing rooms (however, please remember that you may be required to queue outside for short periods during peak periods).
  • Follow the one way traffic control system which will take you past the changing rooms and onto the poolside via a separate corridor.
  • Please remove footwear before entering the poolside.
  • Personal belongings will be left on the poolside for the duration of your swim. Whilst there is a lifeguard on duty at all times with limited pool users, we recommend that you do not leave valuables, as we cannot take responsibility for these.
  • Plastic containers will be provided for bathers to store their belongings in and disinfected between users by staff.
  • Please note that lane directions have been adjusted to aid social distancing, with a maximum of 4 bathers per lane.
  • Bathers should limit their swims to a maximum of 45 minutes.
  • Exit from the poolside is via the changing rooms.
  • Government guidelines make it clear that no use of changing facilities should be the norm. If you must use changing facilities, please be brief. Showers and hair dryers are not available.

For Gym Users

  • Gym users will not have access to changing facilities.
  • The kit in our gym has been rearranged to allow for social distancing, including the creation of additional gym space upstairs. This has allowed us to maintain a 49 station gym with all the variety that you’re used to with our brand new Technogym equipment.
  • Tape has been used to clearly define workout areas. This has been done as accurately as we can, however, we require members to workout responsibly within the centre of taped areas.
  • Please try to avoid prolonged usage of single equipment items during busy periods.
  • Please wipe down all equipment and mats before and after use with the sprays and blue roll available.
  • Gym visits are currently limited to a maximum of 60 minutes.

For Clifton Group Fitness users

  • Please can all Clifton Group Fitness users come ready to exercise as there are no changing facilities available.
  • Toilets are available in the sports centre
  • There is a maximum of 10 people per class for all classes, each person has their own clearly marked out box for their sessions, with their own blue roll and disinfectant spray.
  • If possible please try and bring your own matts for Pilates and Yoga and your own Hand sanitizer when possible.
  • Please wipe down all equipment before and after use – (bikes/matts and Kettlebells)
  • There will be a minimum of 30 minute break between each class to make sure everybody is out of the studio.
  • Please can all class attendees arrive 10-5 minutes before there class to avoid any queues that might occur leading into the class

Enhanced Cleaning Regimes

  • We recognise that although cleanliness has always been important to us and our members, there is a need to enhance our existing regime for our operation during the current pandemic.
  • Our facilities are deep cleaned throughout the day by our professional cleaning staff.
  • In addition to this, we ask that members take responsibility upon themselves to clean matts, benches, free-weights and all other equipment after every use.
  • Our staff will be more visible throughout the centre, adding to member’s ongoing disinfection routines; paying particular attention to frequent touch points and equipment.
  • We have also invested in state of the art fogging disinfection equipment for rapid and thorough disinfection of our free-weights equipment.
  • Additional equipment sanitiser, hand sanitiser, blue roll and bins have been provided to ensure that you have the resources to help us all keep our facilities clean. Please use them and let any staff member know if any of our supplies are running low.
  • Please do not remove any of our cleaning equipment between rooms or from the facility; it’s in place to help keep us all safe.

For Badminton and Tennis Players

  • Member’s guest privileges are currently suspended. This means that all players must be members of our facility to aid our revised capacity control and compliance with the government’s test and trace system.
  • Badminton players should read our information guide before playing.
  • Tennis players should read our information guide before playing.

Classes, Personal Training and Swim Academy

  • We are working on the safe phased resumption as part of our phased reopening programme but are currently remaining shut.

A big thank you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of our community for their help and support during this unprecedented time. We are currently facing challenges that we cannot tackle without the help of our community, so thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we work through this together.

For Further Information

If you have further questions regarding the facility or your membership, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. If you are still struggling to find the answer to your query, please send us an email to ccsl@cliftoncollege.com and we’ll be back in touch as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience during this busy time.