Please see solutions to our frequently asked COVID-19 queries below.

What will happen to my annual membership following the (Spring 2021) national lockdown?
We have added 97 days to your membership to cover the period that we have been closed. This ensures that you receive the full duration that you have originally paid for.

Is it safe to return to gym facilities?
We have complied with all Government guidelines and industry guidance to ensure that all of our users and staff are returning to a safe environment. Details of many of the measures that we are taking can be found on our Sports Centre COVID-19 Information Page here.

I am clinically vulnerable, what provisions are in place for me?
We are keen to support members of our community who may be clinically vulnerable. Whilst we have followed every effort to ensure that our facilities are safe, we recognise that some of our clinically vulnerable users should not be attending gym facilities under recommendations made by their GP (or other relevant medical professional). Members may apply for a single month membership freeze (to be reviewed on a monthly basis) by emailing with proof of their clinically vulnerable status (usually in the form of an NHS letter).

Can we bring guests?
Guest fees are now available. Guest passes are charged at £8.00 per adult and £5.00 per child.

Do I need to wear a face covering in the Sports Centre?
We request that everybody wears a face covering whilst travelling around the centre. Face coverings however are not required in the gym, swimming pool, or whilst exercising.

When does my membership expire?
We added 130 days to memberships in the Spring 2020 lockdown, 1 month from the November 2020 lockdown, and 97 days from the Spring 2021 national lockdown. If you are unsure of your new renewal date, please either visit us at reception, drop us a call (0117 315 7678) or an email (

Can I join as a new member?
Of course. For more infomation or to book a tour, please call 0117 315 7876 or email us at

What should I do if I still have a question?
If you still have a question, please email and we will be happy to help. Thank you for your patience during this busy period.