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Easter Revision Courses

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Clifton College Easter Revision Courses

To help prepare students for their impending GCSE and A Level examinations in the summer, Clifton College will be holding Easter Revision Courses between Monday 15th to Friday 19th April 2019. Welcoming students from all across the country, the Easter Revision Courses have received glowing reviews from pleased parents and high-achieving students over the years, helping students to reach their potential.

With the new ‘linear’ system being introduced (all exams at the end of year 11 or year 13), the added pressure on students to achieve high is greater than ever.

Aims and Objectives of our Easter Revision Courses

The Easter Revision Courses at Clifton College aim to fully motivate each student, boost their confidence and maximise their examination performance. Having been successfully implemented for almost 20 years, the Easter Revision Courses target students who are keen to top up on their GCSE and A Level knowledge in order to maximise their chance of examination success. The individual subject courses will focus on 3 specific areas:

  • Subject Revision – course tutors will cover common areas, go over topics of difficulty, and generally teach students areas to focus on and revise. The aim is that students will be able to feel considerably more confident in their knowledge and abilities come the end of the week
  • Examination Technique – understanding that knowledge alone is not enough, the courses will focus heavily on how to interpret questions and write high grade answers according to their individual examination board. The end aim is that students are confident they can demonstrate to the examiner the knowledge and skills appropriate to their maximum potential grade. Interpretation of questions, essay writing and problem solving are just some of the areas covered, guiding students towards better quality answers. Helping students to identify “what is this question asking me?” is one of the most important areas we focus on throughout the week in all subjects
  • Examination Practice – students will be encouraged to apply their knowledge under exam conditions by answering previous exam questions. This exercise will not only improve their essay writing technique, but will also enable students to cope under timed conditions, and learn how long they should spend on questions worth a certain amount of marks. This is important so that students do justice to their abilities under examination conditions. Each practice examination paper will be checked by the course tutor, who will then identify their strengths and weaknesses. Progress will be monitored closely as class tutors assess students’ strengths and weaknesses. Concentration on past examination members allow the class tutors to fully prepare students for the experience of sitting an exam, and helping to alleviate the initial ‘panic’ when students open their examination papers

Why people love our courses…

I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter – Lucy enjoyed the course at Easter.  The quality of the tutors was excellent as was the Boarding arrangements.  Her only wish was that it could have continued right up to the exams!

Helen Webber

2019 course dates...

The 2019 courses will run Monday 15th – Friday 19th April (including Good Friday). Residential students are welcome to join us on the Sunday early evening.

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With a maximum of 10 students per class, some of our courses do fill up quickly, so don't delay!