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Heated Power Yoga

Heated Power Yoga is taught in a warm studio, set to an upbeat playlist and is the perfect balance of a hard-core workout and rejuvenation. This challenging class allows you to move and stretch your entire body with a strong focus on core work, leaving you feeling cleansed and re-energised. Modifications will be given so all levels are welcome. Not only do we get stronger and more flexible in the body but more importantly in the mind too. We learn to stay calm and focused even when it is challenging and this lesson can be translated off your mats too. The heat may sound daunting at first but it has many benefits; It elevates heart rate, warms up muscles and allows you to go more deeply into stretches. Doing Heated Power Yoga regularly is great for weight maintenance and toning as well improving the function of your respiratory system.

Please note, this class is not suitable for pregnant women.

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Heated Power Yoga

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