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Fitness Pilates

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Fitness Pilates

A no-impact class suitable for men and women of ages, levels and abilities

Once called “the best kept secret of the chic, rich, famous and beautiful”, Pilates is now a household name. Fitness Pilates is based on the original teachings of Joseph Pilates and effective exercise prescription. Each exercise is designed to make the maximum use of your time by targeting the deep postural muscles of the body, building strength from the inside out and re-balancing your muscles.

Fitness Pilates attacks the roots of bad posture by toning little-used muscles groups in the abdomen, torso, upper and lower back, while incorporating a slow breathing technique to energise the body. Fitness Pilates moves are also designed to work the muscles of the whole body (abdominals, lower back, thighs, buttocks, calves, arms, shoulders) and to gently lengthen them. The result is a body that is properly aligned and at less risk of injury, and it is a good way to relax and unwind and is also weight-bearing exercise so helps to prevent osteoporosis.

For more information please contact:
Claire Lewis

M: 07769 748 989


Venue: Bretten Memorial Hall
Price: £5.00 per session, or £25.00 for 6 sessions
Class times: Monday 1930 – 2030

Fitness pilates classes in Bristol
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