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kettlercise classes available

We offer a selection of Fitness Classes, including Circuit Training, Fitness Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing and the ever popular Kettlercise.  Classes are not included as part of membership but are open to both members and non-members.

Please see below for specific information and contact details regarding classes.

Kettlercise is the single most effective fat burning workout…designed to shape and sculpt your body the workouts at Clifton College Sports Centre are designed for Rapid fat loss and a lean toned body. Its fun,super quick and super effective! It’s a stimulating, invigorating safe and easy to follow, kettlebell inspired, calorie blitzing, fat blasting program and people at Clifton College Sports Centre are loving the lightning quick RESULTS!

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12 Week Kettlercise Body Transformations

See how our Kettlercise classes transformed Karen and Louise in just 12 weeks
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View the videos and how kettlercise has changed peoples lifes around: Kettlercise episode 1Kettlercise episode 2 | Kettlercise episode 3


To book into a Kettlercise class please contact:
Jon Clayton
M: 07872 931 206
T: 0117 3157 678
Venue: Sports Hall
Price: £7 (£8 for advance)

Mondays 1800-1900 & 1900-2000 (Advanced Class)

Tuesdays 1800-1900 and 1900-2000

Wednesday 1800-1900 (Advanced Class)

Thursdays 1800-1900

Saturdays (Term time) 0800-0900

Saturdays (During School Holidays) 1000-1100


Great class! Kettlercise is not only a tough work out but also fun and very addictive. Having been going to the classes for almost a year now it is the only exercise class that I have ever stuck at and this is down to the atmosphere of the sessions the way Jon runs the classes, always encouraging us all to keep going when we’re feeling exhausted, at the end of the class you feel an amazing sense of achievement! With a number of different weighted kettlebells to choose from you can increase the weight gradually to ensure that the sessions never become easy and your body continues to constantly see improvements! For a cardio and general body workout class there is nothing better. I would definitely recommend it.

James Breeze – Marketing Manager


It gets you properly fit – inside and out, mentally and physically.  Your stamina improves and you tone everything (even/ especially the parts no-one likes to think about let alone talk about). I organise my day and my week in order to get to my classes.  I feel more in control of my life.  I think more clearly.  I feel more efficient. You meet lovely people.You have an amazing tutor!!! It’s tough but it’s fun and strangely addictive!I feel proud of myself for doing it and doing it as well as I can.

Emma Whewell – Teacher


If you have only 1 hour a week to train, make sure it’s Jon’s kettlercise class. It works every part of your body. It’s amazing, it’s fun, it’s tough and more important it works. Go on give it a try you have nothing to lose and a great body to gain.

Grainne Quinn


A relentless hour’s workout but the time goes really quickly as there are no breaks.  You can really feel and see changes in your body.  The sense of achievement at the end of a class is enormous.

Henrietta Butchart


An hour at Jon’s Kettlebell class is harder than any session I have ever done in the gym. It works every muscle in the body and although I have been coming for nearly a year now, I still feel the benefits after every class!

Each class is varied, challenging and never boring! I make time to go to Kettlercise every week! 

Hannah Cook – Teacher

Joining this fantastic Kettlercise class has been the best decision I’ve made in ages. Having been stuck in a running/cycling rut, I felt fit but not toned and needed something that would combine cardio and strength training to make the most of my limited time. Kettlercise does just that – it’s a fun but challenging class that pushes you to give your all, and no two weeks are ever the same. After just a few weeks I already feel stronger and fitter. Until now I’ve not found an exercise class that has kept me motivated, but this is one I’ll definitely keep coming back to.

Kerry Avery – Doctor


Kettlercise is the only real exercise I do because it’s the only thing that leaves me feeling great and works my whole body, I wasn’t a massive lover of exercise before I started this class, but Jon keeps you going and is so friendly and approachable, I never felt intimidated like I have at other fitness classes,

 It’s a really up beat class, but not one that needs lots of coordination, and there’s a big mix of abilities which shows it’s for everyone, I like that you can take it at your own pace but Jon ensures you keep pushing yourself so that you get results!

Joanna Laver – Nurse


Kettlercise allows you to work as hard as you wish and after each session I really feel that I have worked hard and have really noticed the many benefits and the all over tightening up of my wobbly bits!.  It works every muscle in your body and leaves you with a feel good factor and the knowledge that you have trained to your full potential. I always look forward to the classes and cannot miss a session.  I can honestly say it is one of the best training sessions I have ever attended and it is both highly addictive and fun.  I feel that Kettlercise helps me to maintain shape and tone and it comes highly recommended.  Don’t just read about it …. Do it!!

Joanna Clark – Secretary

“I’m now fitter, stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been in my life – and I owe it all to Kettlercise. Roll on boot camp #3!!”

 John Shackleton – Film Producer

JW Fitness
High intensity, full-body workouts and an extremely effective way to train, regardless of fitness levels or specific goals.

For more information please contact:
Jim Williams
M: 07876 684 602
Venue: Bretten Memorial Hall
Price: £6
Dates/Times: Monday 1830 – 1930


Unleash the inner fighter in a fun environment to reach your goals. Whole body workout that develops speed, stamina and strength. All ages and abilities welcome.

For more information please contact:
Russell Kent
07909 542 323
Bretten Memorial Hall
Wednesday 1930 – 2030


Dance Factory

Bring a friend or a partner and learn to dance ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ style. This will suit complete beginners, learning 3 dances over the 6 week course.

For more information please contact:
Michele Webber
07711 197 288
Prices for courses on application

A modern, dynamic and energising group fitness class. Utilising pilates principles and techniques, it is aimed at all levels, ages and abilities, focusing on recruiting core muscles to enhance posture, muscular strength and balance.

For more information please contact:
Clare Lewis
07769 748 989
Venue: Bretten Memorial Hall
£5 per session, or £25 for 6 sessions
Monday 1930 – 2030

clifton kickboxing

Kickboxing is a great way to improve your fitness, coordination and self confidence. The syllabus has been developed over many years to produce a system that develops you mentally and physically.

For more information please contact:
Jay Bhart
M: 07970 263 945
Venue: Gymnasium Hall
Price: Price on application
Dates/Times: Thursday 1900 – 2030

Renown for its simple, no nonsense approach to Self Defence, the approach to training is tough, simple and, above all, practical. It is quite literally the most battle proven self defence system in the world.

For more information please contact:
Paul Grey
M: 07812 346 025
Gymnasium Hall
Price on application
Monday & Wednesday 1900 – 2100


All of the classes here at the Clifton College Sports Centre are available to both members and non-members. No pre-booking of classes is required (unless stated online) and payment is made directly to the class leader.