Clifton College Sports Courses Pastoral Care

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Attention to our pastoral care is very much at the heart of what we offer…

  • Traditional boarding houses with modern comfortable facilities
  • Single & multi-bedded rooms available throughout each boarding house, with individual wardrobes & desks
  • Modern bathrooms on every floor, with washbasins, showers and toilets
  • Common room with television, games console, DVD player, communal kitchen and payphone in every boarding house
  • Boarding houses all with full WiFi coverage throughout, between the hours of 0700 – 2300



  • Clifton College Pastoral House Leaders resident in every boarding house, to supervise and assist with student pastoral care, and make sure that students are getting their sleep overnight!
  • 3 meals per day in the Clifton College school dining room, with a wide variety of hot and cold choices available
  • All Clifton College staff and course coaches are fully DBS cleared and First Aid qualified
  • All participants will have the opportunity to relax in the wonderful surroundings of Clifton College and enjoy all the facilities the school has on offer, including a swimming pool, Sports Halls, and outdoor courts

    Our pastoral care mantra…

    • On the Clifton College Sports Courses, it is our aim to provide the same standard of pastoral care as provided by Clifton College Housemasters & Housemistresses during term-times
    • Whilst the Sports Courses are designed to be fun and enjoyable, they are also intense and tiring at times, so it is important that attendees are taking care of themselves by eating correctly. During residential courses, our Pastoral Staff within the boarding houses will ensure that attendees are making informed choices with their meals, and will monitor the intake of any ‘tuck’ that attendees purchase throughout the courses
    • Sleep is an important part of all sporting activity, and adequate rest will produce better performance. Our Pastoral Staff will ensure that all attendees are relaxing and within their own bedrooms at a sensible time each evening, and ‘lights-out’ will be a strict set-time each evening. With the setup of the Boarding Houses at Clifton College, we ask attendees to be mindful of the wishes of others they may be sharing bedrooms with
    • Pastoral Staff always appreciate the importance of attendees wanting to share bedrooms with friends, and that for many this is an essential part of the boarding experience. But we encourage parents and guardians to speak to their children before attending our Sports Courses and explain the importance of sufficient rest and sleep whilst attending. Our Pastoral Staff are resident in the Boarding House overnight, and it is their duty to ensure all attendees are safe and secure within their bedrooms and going to sleep at a suitable time