Easter Revision Courses – Further Information for students & parents

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Please read all this information carefully, as it will provide everything you need to know for the week

Thank you for your booking on the Easter Revision Courses at Clifton College.

The following information will be useful during your time with us. We hope you enjoy the week and profit from it in your forthcoming exams; remember, the more effort you put in during this week and beyond, the more you will reap the rewards!



All RESIDENTIAL students staying for the week should register at the following boarding houses on Sunday 9th April:

MALE STUDENTS: Wisemans House, 3 Worcester Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JL, from 1700 onwards, no need to arrive dead on this time but there will be someone here from 1700

FEMALE STUDENTS: Oakeley’s House, 26 College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JF, from 1700 onwards, no need to arrive dead on this time but there will be someone here from 1700

Please be aware that arrival earlier than this may result in staff not being present to welcome you in to the boarding house as we shall be elsewhere setting up for the week. Please let us know on the day if you are going to be arriving much later this by calling the on-call number, which is 07815 564 561.


  • All NON-RESIDENTIAL students studying 2 subjects, or a morning subject only, should register at the Redgrave Theatre, 2 Percival Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3LE, between 0830 – 0900 on Monday 10th April
  • All NON-RESIDENTIAL students studying an afternoon subject only should register at the Redgrave Theatre, 2 Percival Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3LE, at 1315 on Monday 10th April
  • Each subsequent day after this, students should head straight to their classrooms for each session



Clifton College is on the number 8 First Bus route. The best stop to get off at is Bristol Zoo, and we are just behind the Zoo Gardens.



Clifton and the surrounding area is part of a Bristol ‘parking permit scheme’ (http://www.bristol.gov.uk/page/transport-and-streets/clifton-village-cv-residents-parking-scheme) and as such the area around the College requires either a parking permit, or is Pay & Display at £1 per hour for up to a 5 hour stay. CLIFTON COLLEGE DOES NOT HAVE ON-SITE PARKING AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS.


ACCOMMODATION (for those staying residentially)

  • Male and female students will be separated between 2 boarding houses, Oakeley’s House (females) and Wisemans House (males). No student should be in the other boarding house without prior arrangement from a member of House Staff
  • Residential students may only return to their boarding houses during the lunch break, and after 1715 each day
  • Residential students may not bring guests into the boarding house at any time
  • All residential students are to report for registration at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and are to return to the boarding house by 2200 for registration each evening
  • We ask that residential students inform the house staff if they have any necessity to go off-site during their time with us
  • All boarding houses have WiFi access available, please speak to a member of staff to gain access
  • Students will be providied with bed lined and towels for their stay
  • Please note, that no student will be able to remain at the College after 1730 on Friday 14th April


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For the daily timetable please go to the Easter Revision Courses Timetable



  • All meals will be served in the Lower Dining Hall at Clifton College
  • Breakfast (for residential students only) 0830 – 0900 (Monday 0800 – 0830)
  • Lunch (for students studying 2 subjects only) 1245 – 1330



  • The more effort that is put in to the week by the students, the more they will get out of the experience. We would encourage all students to be confident within their classes, and raise any questions with the tutor throughout the week, as we want you to maximise your potential to achieve your intended grades!
  • Please be aware that not everything you will want to focus on will be covered on day 1 (or even day 2!) This is a 5 morning/afternoon course, and you will have your topics of interest covered throughout the week
  • All students are required to bring notepads and pens; there is a shop on campus however should you need it
  • All teaching material will be provided, but you may find it useful to bring any pieces of work that you wish to go over with the tutor, including set texts/textbooks, a revision guide if you have one, past papers and mark schemes, and the syllabus
  • The dress code is smart casual, or ‘dressed for learning’ as we call it (ie, no tracksuit bottoms, pyjamas or onesies!) throughout the week
  • If a student has any issues with any aspect of the tuition throughout the week, the first point of contact should be the class tutor, who will be more than accommodating with your issues. Further to this, the Course Director, Malcolm Grohmann, will be visiting each class regularly throughout the sessions to chat with students should they have any issues
  • After this point, if a parent/guardian has any concerns regarding the tuition their son/daughter is receiving, please telephone the Course Director, Malcolm Grohmann, on mobile number 07815 564 561



  • During registration, each student will be given a security card, which is personally registered to them. This card must be kept safe on their person at all times whilst on the College campus. There is a chip within the card which is required to gain access to College buildings – no card means no access!!
  • Any lost cards should be reported immediately to the Course Director
  • At the end of the course, all cards must be handed in to your class tutor or the Course Director
  • Please note that rooms in the Boarding House do not have locks on the doors. For this reason, we recommend that students do not bring anything of great value with them. We do however have lockers in the main school building which students can utilise



  • Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase from the Junior Common Room (The Crypt) during morning and afternoon breaks. Students will be shown where this is on the first day
  • During evening recreation time between 1715 – 1800, and 2030 – 2200 (for those staying residentially) students may use the fitness room & swimming pool at the Clifton College Sports Centre (subject to signing in at the Sports Centre Reception)
  • The School Shop, which sells stationery & some sporting equipment, will be open from 0900 – 1600 each day



  • There is a NO SMOKING policy throughout the school buildings and grounds. Anyone who wishes to smoke may only do so off school property, and disperse of cigarette butts appropriately
  • We expect all students to arrive on time to sessions each day, and presented properly. We are here to help you, and improper behaviour in sessions will not be tolerated
  • Brad Clark, the Course Manager, is based at the Clifton College Sports Centre, and will be present from 0800 – 1700 each day during the week, telephone number 0117 3157 143
  • In an EMERGENCY, please telephone the Course Director, Malcolm Grohmann, on mobile number 07815 564 561, or the Course Manager, Brad Clark, on 0117 3157 143 during office hours