Easter Revision Courses at Clifton College

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The Easter Revision Courses for 2017 will be taking place between Monday 10th – Friday 14th April 2017, and bookings are now being accepted, don’t delay to secure your space!


Aims and Objectives of the week

The Easter Revision Courses at Clifton College aim to fully motivate each student, boost their confidence and maximise their examination performance. The three principal objectives to achieve these aims are:

  • Subject Revision that concentrates on the core features and key facts, patterns and principles of each subject and areas of particular difficulty, giving students renewed confidence and motivation. Class tutors will discuss different methods of revision which the students may find useful to take on board and continue using throughout their study-leave
  • Examination Practice is important so that students do justice to their abilities under examination conditions. Progress will be monitored closely as class tutors assess students’ strengths and weaknesses. Concentration on past examination members allow the class tutors to fully prepare students for the experience of sitting an exam, and helping to alleviate the initial ‘panic’ when students open their examination papers
  • concentration on Examination Technique, so that students are confident they can demonstrate to the examiner the knowledge and skills appropriate to their maximum potential grade. Interpretation of questions, essay writing and problem solving are just some of the areas covered, guiding students towards better quality answers. Helping students to identify “what is this question asking me?” is one of the most important areas we focus on throughout the week in all subjects

The courses are aimed at all students at all levels, from all educational establishments. Over the years we have seen a wide variety of students, from those (in their own opinions) who are underachieving and wish to improve their grades, to those who are already achieving high grades, and wanting to cement those.

To maximise the benefit from your revision course, it is vital that the information you provide to us regarding the examination board and tier (if applicable) you are studying is comprehensive and correct. If you are not sure of your examination board and tier, we would urge you to contact your subject teacher at school.

It is also vitally important that you inform us of areas on which you’d like to concentrate. The information you provide will be used as a platform on which our tutors can design the right course for you – please help us to help you!

Our courses are offered to students both locally and nationally, and although we make every effort to match tuition with individual needs, students must realise that a revision course, however intensive, cannot be expected to cover all aspects of all specifications. Some courses are not board specific and aim to cover core material for that subject.


Course Tutors and Class Size

All class tutors are highly motivated, qualified teachers who are sensitive to the demands of each year group and the demands of public examinations. They are able to draw on this wealth of experience in preparing the students for this hard weeks work. We work to a maximum size of 10 students per group, though groups are often smaller in some subjects. This means that the class tutors are able to give individual attention and directed tuition to each student, that will help to improve the quality of their grades. Students who attend the courses clearly have the desire to succeed, and class tutors aim to utilise this to help everyone achieve their potential. At the end of each course, the class tutor will provide a written report to each student, providing feedback on their progress. It will also include advice for efficient use of the time remaining before the examinations.

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Recreation Periods

Periods of rest and relaxation are an important part of learning and revision, and help to ensure minds are kept fresh and alert during these intensive courses. We therefore encourage all students to take some exercise during the recreation periods. There are a number of facilities available on site to help students unwind and recharge their batteries, including an indoor swimming pool and a fully equipped fitness room, as well as tennis, badminton, football and basketball. Students also have access to the Junior Common Room during recreation periods where they can relax, socialise and enjoy refreshments. Teaching staff are also available for informal discussions during these periods.

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Residential Accommodation

Students who undertake two subjects for revision are welcome to stay residentially at Clifton College for the week. Residential students will be allocated a study bedroom in one of the College’s boarding houses on campus. Rooms may be single, twin or triple, so students can get to know one another and support each other both inside and outside the classroom. In addition, Pastoral Staff are available to supervise and assist students at all times during their stay. We take great pride in the pastoral care offered on the course, since this is of great importance in ensuring students learn effectively. 3 meals a day to cater for all tastes will be served in the main dining hall, with various options available for vegetarians and those with special dietary requirements.

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In a nutshell…

  • 2 subjects per week can be studied, 1 subject course each morning and 1 subject course each afternoon
  • we concentrate on content revision, examination preparation and examination technique, but its VITAL you provide us with what you want to achieve during the week!
  • the courses run Monday 10th – Friday 14th April
  • each subject course costs £350.00, with a residential stay available for £150.00



What our students & parents say…

Just a brief note to say thank you for running the course and how useful my son found it. Especially the chemistry his biggest concern. Hopefully this will be reflected in his results in the summer. The time and effort selecting the tutors is clearly worth it
P Wallington
“Just a quick e mail to say that Dan found the Easter Revision Course to be very helpful, and he felt that  the teaching was very good. Again, thank you for an excellent course – we will be very likely to be back for the A2 Exams!
C Meads
Thank you for sending the tutors end of course reports. Joshua was encouraged by them (and so were we!) and he seemed to find his recent Chemistry EMPA easier than he thought. He was overall very impressed with Clifton College so thank you to everyone involved!
Iris Tolaini
Just a short note to thank you for a very useful and well organised Easter Revision Course. Laura found the experience very helpful and has renewed enthusiasm and understanding of the topic now after the intensive week of revision.
Stuart Edwards