Sport and Educational Courses at Clifton College

Clifton College in Bristol has a long and proud tradition of offering extra-curricular activities and courses to children & young people from all backgrounds. From Easter Revision Courses for students wishing to maximise their academic potential, to Sports Courses for young sportsmen & women wishing to improve their skills and live like a professional for the week. We also offer Language Courses for international students wishing to learn English. Utilising the College facilities during the holidays, we are able to offer first-class enjoyment and learning, all delivered in a stunning and dynamic environment in a perfect city location.


Easter Revision Courses

Courses designed to give students the confidence to maximise their academic potential & achieve the best possible results, benefitting from first-class teaching in a relaxed environment.

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Sports Courses

Sports Courses for young sportsmen & women wishing to improve their skills, live & train like a professional, and continue their development all-year-round.


Summer Language Schools

Summer Language Schools for international students wanting to learn English and study in one of the most dynamic cities in the UK, combined with a fantastic activity & excursion programme.

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